Nowicki Tumbler MA-500 PSCH

Nowicki Tumbler MA-500 PSCH with Cooling System

Used 2018 Nowicki Cooling Vacuum Tumbler with low hours of use. The MA-500 PSCH has a load capacity of 500 Lbs. The dimensions are 81”L x 42.5”W x 62”H and the weight is 992 LB. This tumbler also includes a cooling unit which uses glycol for cooling.

Nowicki vacuum tumblers offer full control of all marinating/massaging/cooling process parameters which are programmed and controlled by an intuitive touch panel. Cooling system can cool meat down to 32˚F.

Cooling Unit (Above)

Great for processing:

  • red meat muscles
  • small meat pieces
  • poultry – boneless and bone-in
  • fish and seafood

Construction advantages:

WIDER POSSIBILITIES FOR CONTROLLING THE MASSAGING PROCESS PARAMETERS The specially designed drum construction and control of the parameters process results in higher quality of sausage products

Solid construction

  • completely made of acid resistant steel
  • polished drum durability inside and outside
  • diagonal blades system

Process automation thanks to the advanced control system

  • full control of all massaging process parameters
  • all massaging processes are programmed and controlled by an intuitive touch panel
  • diagnostic system via the Internet

Vacuum system

  • BUSCH vacuum pumps as standard
  • multistage vacuum pump protection system

Loading systems

  • option of working with a hydraulic or vacuum loading system
  • option of using one loading system for many tumblers

The highest quality of products

  • control of process parameters results in high repeatability of products
  • maintaining technological parameters because of specially designed drum construction and working in a vacuum environment


Technical Spec:

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